The Dance Course

As a small College we are more able to offer assistance and coaching to aid with the development of each individual student's requirements. In some cases, where necessary, one-to-one coaching is available as part of the course.

The teaching faculty will assess all students' ability and progress, dependent upon their individual commitment and enter them for the relevant examinations.

All students to date, either prior to or soon after leaving the College, have found employment in their chosen field.

The Curriculum

Will include Ballet, Jazz, Modern Theatre, Tap, Choreography, Singing, Theatre Techniques and Audition Techniques.

As part of the coursework for the Teaching Qualification, the curriculum will include Lifespan Development, Health & Safety and Music Studies

Year 1

  • Strengthening techniques and introducing varying disciplines of dance. Daily classes of both free and I.S.T.D. syllabus work in Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Tap in preparation for Vocational Graded Examinations.
  • Introduction to Health & Safety and Lifespan. Basic analysis and fundamental training required for teaching purposes. Observation of classes within the Junior School as required as part of the criteria for the I.S.T.D. Teaching Qualifications.
  • Guidance towards Portfolio construction.
  • All students work towards all modules of the Diploma in three dance genres.

Year 2

  • Continued development of skills obtained during Foundation Year.
  • Further preparation for Vocational Graded Examinations.
  • Continuation of the Diploma in three dance genres.
  • Practical experience of either observation and / or teaching in the Junior School.

Year 3

  • Third year students will have completed all modules of the Diploma.
  • Students will have opportunity to take the I.S.T.D. Diploma┬áin Dance Education in three dance genres.
  • Preparations and relevant guidance for those wishing to follow a career in the Theatre.
  • Assistance with employment for those choosing to apply for teaching posts.

Throughout the Three Years

The opportunity to experience classes given by a selected range of quality teachers, giving students the opportunity to appreciate and develop varying dance styles.

The annual choreographic competition is used as an incentive to develop the necessary skills and knowledge needed for the structure of dance in both solo and group work. This is held at the Playhouse Theatre, Whitstable. The occasion is an opportunity to perform for the local community and in front of many invited guests from both the teaching profession and the theatre world. The adjudicator is usually an examiner from the I.S.T.D. or, on occasions, a professional performer.

Teaching opportunities within the Junior School are offered throughout the course. In some cases, our more experienced students teach in other local schools in order to gain experience of varying work practices.

Opportunities to perform are regularly available through our close association with the local Playhouse Theatre, Whitstable, with whom we have established a close working relationship with over a number of years.